Friday, November 6, 2020

Education consultant's advice for teachers: 'Be creative'

"Teachers must be creative," he said. "There has to be a high level of engagement," and concern for each student.

Abraham says remote learning can offer exciting opportunities for educators. 

"Instead of teaching them about the circumference of a building actually go downtown and take a video of the building," Abraham said. "Things that you would never have an opportunity to do because of budget and all the constraints, you have an opportunity to do something that is so amazing."

His advice for students returning to school in this new normal is to have, "A no excuse mentality. School is going on, the world is going on, you have to get educated."

Parents must be vocal and on top of what is happening with their child's education. 

"Put your energy in advocacy for your child, which is calling that teacher on the phone, on zoom meetings, being present saying hey listen what does my child need to learn and where should my child be at the end of two weeks," he said.



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