Thursday, December 28, 2017

Child Psychology Tips To Ensure a Better Future for Your Children

Bringing up a child is not an easy task for many parents as there are a lot of external factors that influence their physical, mental and emotional health. A child is exposed to a world of difficulties during its formative years. With the knowledge of child psychology, one can bring up their child the best. Renowned child psychologist Justin Urbas has some key tips that any parent or teacher can follow. Have a look - 

Key Child Psychology Tips for Parents and Teachers to Follow

1. Encourage them to express - Parents must encourage their children to express their thoughts and desires without hesitation or fear. A child should not feel the need to suppress his/her ideas within themselves. Parents, teachers and other adults should all help children come out of their shell. 

2. Understand them better - Understanding children is the key to good parenting and taking decisions that positively impact the lives of children. Parents must invest time and effort into understanding the likes and dislikes of their child. Attention must be paid to how the child reacts to certain social situations or other stimuli. Better understanding leads to a close bond between children and parents. 

3. Spend more time - It is quite simple actually. Both parents need to spend ample time with their children, in order for the little ones not to feel neglected. A child that does feel neglected and has no one close to share experiences with, can grow up to be overtly introverted. It is a harsh fact that many parents are just running around fulfilling their professional responsibilities today. Still, they should actively try to find time for the children. 

4. Do not slap on burdens - Realistically speaking, it is not wrong to set some expected goals for your child. Whether it’s academics or sports or creativity, a child who gains inspiration through effort can succeed. But many parents do the mistake of pressurizing their children too much. This has heavy negative impacts on their mental and emotional health. Try to be a little more considerate and appreciate the efforts of your child. 

5. Know that they react differently - Parents and teachers are wrong to expect the same kinds of responses from children, as they do from adults. That is because the brain chemistry of a child and how he/she processes information are quite different. The sooner you understand this, the better it is for your child. Observe exactly how their reactions tend to vary in different circumstances. 

6. Be their biggest ally - It is a sad truth that many children feel that their parents are quite rigid and strict, and even overbearing. This should not be the case at all. Sure, you are free to correct your child for transgressions. But remember to also be their biggest friend at all times. Recognize that they need your support at home, to be the strongest version of themselves. 

These are some very simple child psychology tips that can make a world of difference in the lives of your children. After all, the wellbeing of a child is the primary concern of his or her parents. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Importance of Understanding Child Psychology for Improving Children’s Lives

Raising a child takes the dedication and love of parents along with a lot of understanding. Child psychology deals with the subject of understanding the mind and thoughts of children, with the aim of improving their lives. Getting a basic understanding of children’s psychology is crucial for all modern parents as the little ones now face a more competitive world. Renowned psychologist David Justin Urbas has some child psychology based tips that anyone can implement to raise their child better.