Monday, February 13, 2017

4 techniques from David Justin Urbas to help kids in homework effectively

Helping kids in their homework can be a tiring job for parents. Often kids do not find interest in their daily study schedule and thus, retaining their attention at the time of studying becomes very difficult. Here are some easy tricks from David Justin Urbas. Follow this while helping kids in their study to get better outcomes.

Turn off the TV and audio devices: There may be thousand reasons that attract kids, but- studies say that kids get distracted the most due to use of TV and other audio devices. Thus,
Before helping kids in studying, you have to remove these sources of distraction from them. During the entire period, when your kids are studying or doing homework, make sure that the TV remains off.

Put restrictions on phone usage: Phone is another thing that restrict kids especially teens from studying attentively. When help children in their home work, put restriction on use of phones also. It will also be an effective technique to make your kids attentive in studying.

Be regular: maintaining a fixed schedule help kids to develop a habit of studying. Make a routine in advance which your kids will follow throughout the year. If your kid returns home from school early, try to finish all the homeworks before supper.

Organize the homework assignments: Missing assignment is a common mistake that almost every kid does. To avoid these situations, you can make a large calendar mentioning all the tasks your child need to do. While finishing assignments, make sure that kids have followed this schedule. Even if the kids are too young, then also let them to take part in the process, so that they can learn how to organize tasks.

Taking notes on classes is a crucial skill which your kids need to develop. Apart from helping in homeworks, teach your kids how to take notes for getting better results.


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