Friday, December 30, 2016

Young adult shares his experience with Life Education’s program

National youth week is a celebration of Australia’s youth that takes place annually from the 8th – 17th April. It provides a platform through which individuals can share their opinion on a variety of topics that affect them, and come up with new ideas and express their own views on these issues. The health of young people is an important topic covered by the National Youth Week, and Life Education is committed to joining the discussion surrounding the various health issues affecting our country’s youth.

I still remember clearly the Life Education program from my years at primary school, where the Educator and Healthy Harold would come to visit and talk about a lot of different health issues. The one topic that stuck with me most was the safe use of alcohol, particularly surrounding underage drinking. The most commonly used recreational drug in Australia, people drink for a lot of different reasons; social occasions, celebrations, even just to relax. There is nothing wrong with the consumption of alcohol in moderation, but there are a number of different ways in which drinking can have adverse affects. It is crucial to recognise the negative consequences of unsafe alcohol consumption, and the ways in which to drink safely and responsibly.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

David Justin Urbas - Considerations to Make While Hiring A Child Education Consultant

As a parent, you toil hard so that your child can receive the best education at a reputed school. However, things may not run as smooth as you have thought of. Negativities may arise due to deficiencies in your child or he or she is unable to cope up with the situations arising in school. Therefore, the intervention of a specialist, well versed and experienced in the field of child education is required for the holistic development of your child.

However, you need to ensure that the consultant whom you choose can diagnose and frame developmental strategies for your child aptly. Before appointing or hiring someone, make these considerations.

Should Have Capability of Handling Individual Students

It is crucial that the child education consultant you prefer should have some proper experience of handling students individually. One of the child education consultants is David Justin Urbas who can aptly understand that each child possesses some weaknesses and strengths. This specialty of a child education consultant helps in devising a tailored educational plan that improves your child’s learning ability.

Sufficient Knowledge of Academic Assessments

A child education consultant should possess sufficient knowledge on ways of preparing and conducting academic assessments of a child. You have to ensure that your preferred consultant is adept at carrying out academic assessments of your child.

Experience In Specific Area 

If you have decided to select a specialized educational service for your child, you should hire a consultant like David Justin Urbas, who possesses the entire knowledge of all the laws that are applicable to such service.

You can engage the consultant to learn about how he handles specific situations and frames solutions. Considering this factor is important for providing the best education to your child.

A child education consultant should possess the ability to make the child and his or her family develops an intimate relationship with each other. This helps in sharing relevant information of the child. This way, a child education consultant can develop a perfect assessment plan for your child and make your child excel in his or her academic sphere. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Resilience: connecting young people with nature

A resilient city is one where young people have easy access to nature and outdoor play, argues Samuel Williams of the planning and design company, Arup. Here, her explains why it is time for designers to prioritise these spaces.

Reconnecting young people with nature will build more resilient cities and communities, and should therefore be a top priority for designers. This reconnection can take many forms, work at any scale, and provide a huge range of benefits. If nature becomes a focal part of a city it can provide enjoyment, stimulation, adventure and fun for everyone.

Outdoor play, everyday freedoms and access to space are critical to our well-being and development. And despite the popularity of video games and social media platforms, the overwhelming majority of the younger generation still state a preference to play outdoors.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

David Justin Urbas - A Child Psychology Consultant Can Improve Learning Capabilities of Your Child

You have a child and he is attending school regularly. However, you often receive complaints about him from his class teacher that he is not paying attention to lectures, not following the code of conduct, etc. You are equally worried about his misbehavior and other issues. However, you do not have the right techniques in coping up with these challenges.

In that case, you need to seek consulting services from child psychology consultant like Justin Urbas who has decades of experience in this field.

Work of Child Psychology Consultant

A child psychologist works differently than a psychiatrist. A psychologist does not use medicines to treat behavioral and emotional problems. Such professional lays stress on teaching people on ways of handling difficulties that surface every day. Child psychologist like Justin Urbas formulates strategies in order to help the child control his reactions to odd situations.

Situations Addressed by Child Psychology Consultant

A child psychologist has the expertise to deal with situations involving parents and their child. Such professional can offer solutions to parents in various ways.
Addressing Various Learning Disorders

Sometimes behavioral changes occur in a child if he is suffering from complications like oppositional defiant disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, etc. A child psychologist can assess the child suffering from these kinds of disorders and provide apt assistance accordingly.

Formulating Strategies for Improving Behavior

Many parents visit a psychologist for discussing the indifferent behavior of their child. One of the major indifferent behaviors includes disobeying orders of parents.

The psychologist equips parents with a few strategies for managing misbehavior of their child. Certain practices are also prescribed that result into dramatic improvements in the child. As a result, the ambience of the household becomes free of stress.

A child psychology consultant like Justin Urbas follows non-medicinal approach for treating various behavioral problems of a child. Parents need to consult such psychologist at an early stage when the complications within the child remain low.  

Monday, December 12, 2016


Positive parenting (also called Positive Guidance or Positive Discipline) is a parenting method and a belief that kids should be raised through positive and loving encouragement,resisting all temptations to be punitive or to punish kids with fear, shame, any form of violence etc.

Does Positive Parenting work?

Yes. Studies suggest that strict child rearing practices, which include physical punishment, spanking and controlling behavior with fear, result in children being more aggressive, antisocial, depressive and unhappy. Most teens who exhibit risky behavior (gangs, drugs, alcohol, criminal records, teen pregnancy) are brought up in families with strict discipline, physical punishment, aggression, psychological humiliation, shame etc.

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

David Justin Urbas - Traits Of A Suitable Child Educational Consultant

Kids should be provided with the best of education. Parents must ensure that their kids receive the best education. Those parents who consider home schooling for their kids must receive proper support from a suitable educational associate. It is this educational associate who would be guiding them to create the perfectly balanced assessment program and curriculum. The associate would be able to provide complete guidance to help parents develop the perfect education plan for their kids.

Figuring out the right kind of educational planner would require some due diligence so that the parents would be able to analyze certain characteristics very closely.

First of all, the educational associate must possess suitable prior experience in working with individual students. With such an experience, it becomes easy enough to deal with the kids in a better way. The associate must be able to understand the weaknesses and strengths of every kid he/she is dealing with. Every child has his/her own set of weaknesses and strengths. Figuring out those and providing right solutions to the problems is what makes for a true educational associate like David Justin Urbas. An experienced associate must be able to develop an educational plan that’s perfectly customized for your child according to her/his leaning ability and pace.

An experienced educational associate should be able to make your kids feel safe and comfortable. The professional should be at ease with the family members. This is an important issue to consider since it makes it even easier for the family to share all the relevant details about the kids. Such information is considered to be extremely important in order to develop assessment plan and customizable curriculum.  This would also allow the associate and parents to work in collaboration to maximize the learning potential of the kids.  Remember, your child may have certain special needs. The educational consultant you hire for the kid must be able to understand and provide the best solution to improve the character traits and behavior of your kids.