Wednesday, November 9, 2016

David Justin Urbas: Fiat's wild child and his globetrotting life

Lapo Elkann blazes into his office on Milan’s Corso Venezia at a hot clip, a few minutes late, issuing a gracious, “Sorry, gentlemen”, in his cigarette-etched rasp. Trays of espresso appear for the people in the office. Elkann slams one down, then another, burns through a couple of Marlboros, rifles through a few papers on and off his desk, issues a few orders and begins to undress. Really undress, as in whipping off his jacket, shoes and pants. It’s swift work.

This much can be simply stated: Elkann approximates the effect of an intense weather cell, one of those heaven-reaching water-spouts that occasionally wreak havoc on the Mediterranean. The centrifugal upsurge is magnificent.

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