Tuesday, November 8, 2016

4 tips from Justin Urbas you should remember to study abroad

Getting admission to your dream university is surely a great event. However, the real challenges start when you leave the home country and make arrangements for spending next few days in a completely unknown environment. Here are some tips from Justin Urbas that can help you to make the new academic life smoother.

Look for student accommodation: While setting in for a new country, your first and foremost duty is to find out an accommodation. If any permanent place is difficult to search, you can arrange a temporary place where you will be able to spend next few days. There are numerous real estate websites that can help you in this purpose. You can seek help from your institution authority too for getting the right accommodation.

Have a bank account: Once you have found out an accommodation, the a next task is applying for an account in local bank. Do not forget to apply for a credit/debit card as it will reduce the need of carrying cash everywhere.

Know the routes: After reaching the city where you will stay, start exploring it. Try to get familiar with each and every route of it, including train, buses , trams and so on. Initially you can start exploring new places with your friends. But, Urbas recommends to do it individually as it will give you more chance to know about the new place.

Get a student job: When you are in a foreign University, spend your extra time by doing a part-time job. Although balancing between study and work might seem difficult initially, such jobs will help you in multiple ways. Firstly, bearing the huge cost of studying in foreign country would be easier. Apart from these, you will get enough opportunities to develop new skills.

Finally, you should be sociable enough to make new friends and build your network in any environment. It will also help you to reach the goal easily.


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